Job hunting tips

Be wary of promises to help get you a government job.

If a test is required, the government usually conducts it. No employment service can guarantee that you’ll qualify for a government job or arrange to get you special treatment.  

Don't worry if your grades are less than stellar

Don't worry if your grades are less than stellar. Employers don't care if you made a C+ in History during your sophomore year. They want people who are bright and willing to learn

Be patient!

The average job search averages 2-6 months. Get ready for 6 months of hard work, rejection, insecurity, and maybe even depression. Keep calm and remind yourself that if you keep trying hard, you will…

Completing Tasks

When you are having a problem completing a task, please try to research the answer before asking your employer.  You may be given the task for several reasons.  One reason may be that the employer…

Never assume...

Never assume that the interviewer has read your resume or even has a copy of it. Please always bring a copy with you.

Don’t pay a fee upfront

Don’t pay a fee upfront. Most legitimate employment agencies don’t charge unless they actually succeed in getting you a job, and often it’s the new employer who pays. via

Interview Jitters

First rule in coming to an interview is, you must be prepared. Know the background of the company. Search on the net, know what type of indusctry they are in, type of environment they are in, how big…


Follow Excellence and Success will Chase you!

Simple Advise but Big result!

Always do your best. Love your work and be faithful in order to success in your work.

Interview Dos and Donts

When you are called for an interview from your potential employer for your next job, here are some important DO’s and DON’Ts to remember during the interview process. Do: Be in your best attire…

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