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Job hunting tips

When you do use verbs to describe your background, choose powerful ones.

When you do use verbs to describe your background, choose powerful ones. Try "achieved," "completed," "managed," "resolved," and "increased." Words like "contributed" or "supported" are less impressive. Keep in mind that your resume is the place to list accomplishments, not just job duties or responsibilities.

Use of free online job Posting

Use of free online job Posting is a cost saving technique in hiring employees.

How to find a job?

A job fair is one of the most effective ways to find a job since there'll be an array of companies at one place and time. Find out when the next job fair is by looking at local ads, inquiring at your local college, job search agency or Department of Labor. Positions at job fairs tend to be localized, so attend a job fair in the geography where you want to work.

Finding a job is not always easy, so be sure to use more than one of the job search methods above to ensure your best chance of success.

source: jobhuntingtips.com/howtofind.htm

20 worst job interview mistakes of all time

1. Arriving late.

2. Arriving too early.

3. Lighting up a cigarette, or smelling like a cigarette.

4. Bad-mouthing your last boss.

5. Lying about your skills/experience/knowledge.

6. Wearing the wrong (for this workplace!) clothes.

7. Forgetting the name of the person you're interviewing with.

8. Wearing a ton of perfume or aftershave.

9. Wearing sunglasses.

10. Wearing a Bluetooth earpiece.

11. Failing to research the employer in advance.

12. Failing to demonstrate enthusiasm.

13. Inquiring about benefits too soon.

14. Talking about salary requirements too soon.

15. Being unable to explain how your strengths and abilities apply to the job in question.

16. Failing to make a strong case for why you are the best person for this job.

17. Forgetting to bring a copy of your resume and/or portfolio.

18. Failing to remember what you wrote on your own resume.

19. Asking too many questions.

20. Asking no questions at all.

Be patient!

The average job search averages 2-6 months. Get ready for 6 months of hard work, rejection, insecurity, and maybe even depression. Keep calm and remind yourself that if you keep trying hard, you will eventually get the job you want.

- http://www.job-hunting-tips.com/

What is your greatest weakness?

Be careful with this one. Most interview guides will tell you to answer it with a positive trait disguised as a weakness. For example, "I tend to expect others to work as hard as I do," or "I'm a bit of a perfectionist." Interviewers have heard these "canned" answers over and over again. To stand out, be more original and state a true weakness, but then emphasize what you've done to overcome it. For example: "I've had trouble delegating duties to others because I felt I could do things better myself. This has sometimes backfired because I'd end up with more than I could handle and the quality of my work would suffer. But I've taken courses in time management and learned effective delegation techniques, and I feel I've overcome this weakness."

IMPORTANT: Be sure the weakness you talk about is NOT a key element of the position!

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5 Tips On Negotiating Salary
Have you heard the expression “If you do not have the salary you deserve, you get what you’ve been able to negotiate”? That is the harsh reality. Reflect for a moment about your current salary. How much do you earn? How much do you think you should earn in your next job? Remember: your negotiating skills play a key role in getting the salary you want and deserve. Here are some tips to help you successfully negotiate your salary: Have patience. Wage bargaining is tricky yet essential. Be prudent and do not make the mistake of bringing up this subject too early and in an overly aggressive manner. First, you need to know your situation perfectly. Does the company have an urgent and compelling need for a professional of your credentials? How badly do you want that job? Be certain of your objectives before you plan your approach. Learn. To learn the next 3 steps, check it out here >> http://www.sysgen.com.ph/articles/5-tips-on-negotiating-salary/630
Preparing Yourself for a Job Interview

Your time has come for a face-to-face job interview after all your hard work from sending those resume. But this is not the time to relax and think about how will you are going to spend your new salary. There is more work to do. The better prepared you are the better your chances are of getting your new job.

Always bear in mind that in the business world there are many highly qualified candidates that also want the same job you are applying for. It is really important to make yourself stand out as a better individual over the others. It is now the time to practice exactly how you will market yourself to a potential employer during that vital and crucial first meeting.

Here are ten “always” you need to do in order to have an edge in your next interview leading to your next job.

  • Always do your homework. Do research on the company to be interviewed on so that you can show you have some knowledge of who they are and what they do during the interview. This will improve your relationship with the interviewer and will aid you to formulate intelligent questions to ask him or her.

  • Always know where you are going. Have an idea of where the interview area is. Make sure to know where the office is and how to get there. Know how long the trip will take. If possible, have the name and the phone number of your interviewer. Save yourself some time and unnecessary stress by knowing these things before going to the interview.

  • Always look good. Always look professional. Your clothing should be clean, neat and pressed. It is difficult to know the environment and culture of the office or working area.  Though everyone is wearing jeans when you arrive, it is better to be in a suit. It will leave an impression of professionalism. But do not be afraid to put some personality and attitude in your look. Also check the details and have a clean haircut and manicured nails.

  • Always practice yourself. Before your interview prepare some witty answers to frequently asked questions by the interviewer like, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”” Why do you want to work here?” and the popular “Tell me about yourself.” You can conduct a mock interview with a friend or a relative as a practice for the interview.

  • Always have references. Have personal references available for your interview. Find at least three key people such as your former supervisor, some colleagues, or your instructor, whom are willing to serve as your professional references. Be sure that they allow you to use their name as a reference and that they will speak highly of you if contacted by the employer.

  • Always be an early bird. Be sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview time so you will have the time to visit the restroom and groom yourself.  Make sure to tell someone that you have arrived and that you have an appointment for an interview.

  • Always be document-ready.  Bring any necessary documentation you may need during the interview process. Make a checklist of all the necessary documents that you may need for the interview and review it before leaving for the appointment.  These my include a copy of your resumé, licenses, certificates, diplomas, and a portfolio of your previous work, if any. If you are a fresh graduate you should bring your college transcript of records.

  • Always be proud of yourself. During the interview you should sell yourself in a positive way. It is your chance to shine but it is not the time to be humble. Develop a 25-second sales pitch. In business this is called an “elevator speech”. It is a convincing overview of why you should be hired for the position. It includes your strengths, your abilities, and what sets your uniqueness that is an edge from other applicants.

  • Always be open for questions. If you really want the job don’t neglect to ask questions. Ask how the responsibilities of the wanted position relate to the company’s goals and plans. Interviewers are impressed by candidates who show that they are well-informed about the organization.

  • Always follow up. Don’t forget to send a letter thanking the interviewer for the time he or she spent, as well as restating your interest and commitment for the position. Call politely if they will be making a final decision and still have not contacted you in a week or so.

Every interview is a valuable learning experience. Even if you don’t get the position there will be another round of interview for the next job. When that time comes you will be much better prepared and more at ease with the whole process. Thus, every interview should help boost your self confidence and improve the chances of getting a better job. Happy Job Hunting.

Sell Your Strengths, Know Your Weaknesses

Employers know that no applicant is perfect. We know when you are being too good to be true and we find it difficult to trust someone who doesn't know how to represent himself as honest as possible.

We don't hire applicants based only on what you say during the interview. Each applicant undergoes an objective, if not scientific, process to eliminate those who are not qualified. If you let us know what you can do and what you couldn't you are not doing harm on your search for the perfect job. You are only helping us.

So be true to yourself because we will know why we should hire you.


Personality will bring you job.

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