Job hunting tips

be honest

Be honest on your presentation. Having a fantasticly well written resume that you cant back up will be glaringly obvious from the start. 

Wide social network is a must to succeed in this business

We need people who would like to talk to as many people everyday. The more people you talk to the higher chances for you to be successful in this business!

Job hunters

Job hunters are mostly searching in the internet nowadays. Employers should innovate their employment services with the use of website job post. source:  

Preparing Yourself for a Job Interview

Your time has come for a face-to-face job interview after all your hard work from sending those resume. But this is not the time to relax and think about how will you are going to spend your new salary.…

Always get a contact name

Always get a contact name. Cover letters addressed "To Whom It May Concern" will probably end up in the trash

Use of free online job Posting

Use of free online job Posting is a cost saving technique in hiring employees.

Be wary of promises to help get you a government job.

If a test is required, the government usually conducts it. No employment service can guarantee that you’ll qualify for a government job or arrange to get you special treatment.  

Interview Jitters

First rule in coming to an interview is, you must be prepared. Know the background of the company. Search on the net, know what type of indusctry they are in, type of environment they are in, how big…

Creating your resume

Make your resume as precise as it can be, indicating your duties and resposibilities in every position that you handled. Make it direct to the point. Avoid very elaborative and very long resume. Emphasis…

Use Your Employer's Time Fairly

Your time during working hours belong to your employer, so use it fairly. Many workers steal company time to do personal things. This time theft costs not only the employer money, but in the long run,…
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