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Job hunting tips

How to find a job?

A job fair is one of the most effective ways to find a job since there'll be an array of companies at one place and time. Find out when the next job fair is by looking at local ads, inquiring at your local college, job search agency or Department of Labor. Positions at job fairs tend to be localized, so attend a job fair in the geography where you want to work.

Finding a job is not always easy, so be sure to use more than one of the job search methods above to ensure your best chance of success.

source: jobhuntingtips.com/howtofind.htm

Always get a contact name

Always get a contact name. Cover letters addressed "To Whom It May Concern" will probably end up in the trash


Be honest about what you can and cannot do!

Catching An Employer's Attention When Emailing an Application

To catch an employer's attention when emailing an application, ensure to do the following.

  • Know what you are applying for. You should be able to know at least the background of the company you wish to apply for. This will have a great effect during the interview.
  • Include the Position you are applying for in the subject. If there is a contact person (the one who posted the job vacancy) include the name and put in ATTN: on the subject.
  • Review your resume prior to sending. You do not watch to turn off the employer during a resume screening by writing misspelled words, wrong grammar senteces and Objectives that are obviously copied from the internet.
  • In writing an email, think of yourself as standing infront to the employer while writing the cover letter. Never use abbreviated words. Remember, you are applying for a job and not writing to a friend.
Be wary of promises to help get you a government job.

If a test is required, the government usually conducts it. No employment service can guarantee that you’ll qualify for a government job or arrange to get you special treatment.  

Dress Properly
Dress up properly when you go to your interview, Make sure to clean up your self after arriving at the place of interview and before you get interviewed.
Simple Advise but Big result!

Always do your best. Love your work and be faithful in order to success in your work.

Job hunters

Job hunters are mostly searching in the internet nowadays. Employers should innovate their employment services with the use of website job post.

source: www.caritasbusiness.blogspot.com


Be patient!

The average job search averages 2-6 months. Get ready for 6 months of hard work, rejection, insecurity, and maybe even depression. Keep calm and remind yourself that if you keep trying hard, you will eventually get the job you want.

- http://www.job-hunting-tips.com/

Be on Time

When an appointment is made with a prospective employer, show up exactly on time.  If you cannot make the appointment on time, let the employer know so that another appointment can be arranged.

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